Implementing an Effective Driver Coaching Program

Posted by Lisa Gonnerman on Nov 19, 2020 11:12:39 AM

To get drivers on-board with such technologies, however, fleets must properly train the coaches as well as the drivers on how the technology works and why it’s being used, said Lisa Gonnerman, vice-president of safety and security with Transport America.

“It can’t just be there to help the company,” she said. “You have to explain to the driver on the other end, why and how it can be helpful to them.”

It’s also important not to expect perfection overnight, she added. Drivers will respond differently to coaching, and Gonnerman suggested experimenting to determine if drivers react better to their peers, current fleet manager, or maybe another company leader. If drivers don’t respond well to coaching, she said, termination should only be a last resort.

“That’s not the answer anybody wants, where in today’s world it’s tough to get that good, quality driver,” Gonnerman said.

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