The Trucking Company that's Changing Trucking...

Posted by Rob McNeil on Apr 11, 2019 3:00:00 AM

The Trucking Company that is Changing Trucking...that's a bold statement. At Transport America we truly believe this and in order to live up to this, we do things differently. This afternoon, during our Associate Development "Lunch & Learn" series in Eagan MN, we were fortunate to have 3 of our professional drivers join us to share their perspectives on the challenge and the excitement of being an over the road driver. With a combined 67 years of experience, Tom, Jim, and Craig shared their perspectives of what life on the road is like with many of our customer service, revenue management, maintenance, operations and sales team. We all learned more about what we can do to make each other more successful in serving our customers and taking care of our drivers. 

Here is my Top 5 of what I learned today from our drivers.....


  • Communication is Everything - we all work for each other and with each other and it is critical that we can be in touch to get what we need, whether that is via fleet messages, in-cab communications, or a good old-fashioned phone call. Our success in taking care of our customers depends on this.
  • Customers who provide On-Site Driver Parking are Appreciated - finding parking is a huge stress and sometimes "handcuffs" drivers' drive time. There is nothing better when that stress can be taken away from them when a customer allows them to break in their yard.
  • Choose your Attitude - truck driving is far from the "romanticized" version that truck driving ads sometimes portray. However, focusing on what you can control and how you interact with customers, your teammates, and other people you come in contact with makes a big difference.
  • Good Leaders are Important -the best are good listeners, balanced in their approach, call drivers by their first name, and make drivers feel respected as co-workers and part of the team.
  • Safety is Paramount - our drivers appreciate being the "Captain of their Ship" when it comes to operating safely, which is the first Core Value at Transport America.

Changing Trucking isn't easy, but it starts with listening and understanding about how we can all work together to improve an industry that needs changing. Thanks to Jim, Tom and Craig for sharing their perspective today and to Katie Talcott, our Driver Relations Leader for leading this discussion. At Transport America, we are Changing Trucking...#transportamerica #changingtrucking #trucking